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We specialize in Miami & South Florida Cash Advances for Merchants and Businesses looking for Alternative Forms of Funding. Florida Angel Investors alternative.




Obtaining a business loan for a startup can be done in a number or ways. There is the traditional loan a local bank can provide, an angel investor can be used, or a merchant cash advance can be used. Access to cash when it is needed is one of the biggest benefits of a merchant cash advance. Review benefits of using this option as it is often better than an angel investors Florida solution.

The Basics

The purpose of a merchant cash advance is to provide a source of funding to an entrepreneur who does not have the collateral required for a traditional bank loan. Entrepreneurs may also may not want angel investors Miami donations that require giving up equity in their business. Angel investors in Miami are also not likely to make follow-up investments after the initial funding that is provided.

No Risk to Equity

A merchant cash advance poses no risk to the equity of a business that may result from accepting funds from private investors Miami firms. The cash advance process is treated as a sales transaction and does not involve divulging credit information or giving up a percentage or equity. This is a main reason new businesses choose to use a merchant cash advance instead of Miami angel investors.

Applying for an Alternative Loan

Applying for an alternative business loan will require completing a simple online application. Many of angel investors Miami firms will require a detailed financial statement and even a business plan. When an entrepreneur applies for an alternative business loan only two things are considered. Lenders will be looking at the length of time a business has been operating and monthly credit card returns.

The Repayment Process

A typical merchant cash advance requires making periodic payments based off of a specific percentage of sales. This may be based on weekly sales or monthly sales. However, there is no reporting that most angel investors in Miami often require. A business will typically find that applying for a merchant cash advance an easier process than other sources of funding. This information does not divulge any type of information about a business plan private investors Miami firms will consider.

Access to Cash

The paperwork required for a merchant cash advance is minimal. There is less information that will be required of Miami angel investors. This means that the turnaround time for approval and access to cash is much faster. Angel investors Florida firms may need two weeks to a month or more.

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